A large group of people of different skin colors, all smiling
Image credit: Maida Owens

Beloved Conversations is an intensive learning and workshop series on race and ethnicity, that holds both the tensions and joys of an intentional multicultural community. This curriculum that helps congregations explore the role of race and ethnicity in individual and congregational lives. Using a small-group ministry format, Beloved Conversations creates a supportive space for congregants to talk about their own experiences, while identifying places where growth is necessary.

The framework for Beloved Conversations is a teaching and learning curriculum developed by Meadville Lombard Theological School. The curriculum assumes that every conversation with another human being is a cross-cultural conversation, even if your conversation partner appears to be from the same cultural group. Nested inside communities of faith, Beloved Conversations creates the first step – a learning laboratory – for how to live healthily in a multi-racial, multicultural, and often theologically diverse community

In all, sixty-four members and friends of UCBR have completed one of our three Beloved Conversations series. Our graduates of Beloved Conversations continue to meet to enjoy books and film discussions, workshops, and museum visits that further explore how to live and act in a spirit of reconciliation that brings growth and spiritual healing.

For more information on Beloved Conversations, please contact Kathy Smith, our director of Family Ministries.