The leadership of our church is a shared responsibility of the congregation, the Board of Trustees, and the Ministry Team.

The Board is the governing body of the congregation. It represents and acts on behalf of the congregation in setting policy and conducting church business. The Board works closely with our ministers and staff to fulfill the mission and vision of the church in accordance with the bylaws.

Members of the congregation also share responsibility for discerning the church’s mission and organizing to fulfill it. Members hold the church in trust for those who benefit from its work now and in the future. The members of the church delegate leadership to the elected Board of Trustees and the Ministry Team Leader, who work together to carry out the policies created by the Board.

We operate under bylaws first adopted in 1996, and amended as circumstances have changed. At our Congregational Meeting, usually held in early spring, the entire congregation of members meets to vote on the budget for the coming year and, as necessary, to elect members of the congregation to the Board of Trustees and approve changes to the bylaws.

Policy Governance Model

Currently the policy governance model guides our governing approach. Policy governance is a model for Boards of Trustees of non-profit organizations (primarily). Policy governance for UCBR means that the Board’s job is to set clear policies that reflect the congregation’s vision and mission. The Board empowers staff and volunteers to implement those policies within well-defined limitations.

Member Area

Church members can login to download our membership directory, read the minutes from congregational meetings, and examine our bylaws and other governance documents. If you are a member and would like the password, please contact the church office.