Two paper origami cranes on a stone
Image credit: Irene Kato

Annual Vision of Ministry, 2023-2024

Each day the ministry of the church should continue to serve the purpose and mission of the church. In the 2023 – 2024 board year, the ministry team’s priority shall be to:

  1. Continue our deep commitment to living the values expressed in the Eighth principle by examining and acknowledging individual prejudice, by promoting racial reconciliation, and by working to dismantle systemic oppressions in our institutions.
  2. Put into action shared ministry by assertively implementing the church’s membership plan and by growing the understanding of what it means for ministers, staff, lay leaders and members to work together.
  3. Continue to create a culture that develops and fosters involvement, generosity, engagement, joy and fun.

The Holy Why of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge


We trust, love, and accept ourselves and each other in good times and bad, and we treasure our church families and our beloved traditions.


We feel empathy and social responsibility for and interconnection with our community.


We are open to joyful transformation, spiritual transcendence, and the awe inspired by this world.