Group of people eating in a restaurant

Affinity and activity groups are open, small groups of like-minded individuals who meet regularly for conversation and activity. For more information on any of these groups, please contact the office.

Black Joy Collective

A group of black members of UCBR who find joy in being together.

Lunch Bunch

The lunch bunch is an informal meeting of members, visitors, and friends at a local restaurant at approximately 1 pm on Sundays after worship services. It’s a great way to meet other members and friends, and is also a good way to try out new restaurants in the Baton Rouge area. The list of restaurants is published in the newsletter, and the week’s selection is featured in the order of service on Sunday.

Open Circle Book Club

The Open Circle Book Club meets monthly and is open to all. Reading lists are announced in the newsletter and the orders of service.

Retirement Support Group

If you need support as you transition into your retired life, this group is here to help.

Woman’s Book Club

This book club is open to all women, and meets monthly.