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We take church membership seriously, as something that merits a thoughtful consideration of its obligations and responsibilities. Membership is open to individuals 14 years of age and older, whatever their ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical challenge, or past religious affiliation.

Friends and visitors are always welcome at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge and may participate in nearly all aspects of congregational life, including Sunday services, small groups, classes, special events, ministry teams, and financial support of the church. Becoming a member of the congregation, though, is an important step for many people.

Requirements of Membership

The formal act of becoming a member of the church consists of signing a membership card and being welcomed by a majority of the Board. Our Board policies require that you have a conversation with the minister first.

Benefits of Membership

  • The right to vote on bylaws, elected officers, and the annual budget at congregational meetings
  • Eligibility for serving on the Board of Trustees
  • Eligibility for serving on congregational and board committees

Five Expectations of Membership

We have five expectations of membership at the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. These are different from requirements. The only requirement of membership is that one fills out a card declaring sympathy with purpose of this church and is welcomed by a majority of the board. The expectations are much more extensive and map out a path to right engagement with Unitarian Universalism.

Worship Together

We expect that you are here with us. We gather together to give thanks for this world, to grieve loss, and support each other. Worshiping together means being a part of that supportive community. It also means sharing your experiences and ways of understanding the great mysteries of life.

Be Generous

We expect that you help to support your church. Nothing in this church exists without the generosity of our membership. Every chair, hymnal, and shingle on the roof came from the gifts of a member or friend. UCBR does not receive funds from any higher denominational entity. Instead, we give a percentage of our budget to other Unitarian Universalist churches and non-profits that are doing good work that is in line with our values.

Be in Covenant

We expect that you will be with us and stay engaged. This is a promise that you will not pack up and leave as soon as being together gets difficult, or life becomes complicated. Church is the opportunity to practice building the world we dream of. This means being engaged in a beloved community in good times and in bad.

Make the World a Better Place

We expect that you will make yourself a blessing to the world through service to our congregation and our community. Unitarian Universalists live their faith by doing, and are called to be actively engaged in the world and to work for social justice. Learn more about how you can get involved.

Be Open to Transformation

We expect that you are open to the ways this church will transform you, and know that you aren’t in this life alone.

If you’d like to become a member, please contact a minister for more information.