Board of Trustees

The church board is elected by the congregation to serve as its governing body. The board focuses on the long-term mission of the church and the well being of the congregation.

President: Jeff Gauger
Vice President: Adam Vos

Members at Large

Jerri Becnel
Jackie Blaney
Deborah Duckworth
Heather Jahnke
Myriah Mengelson-Clark

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee provides review of church financial policies and oversight of all funds of the church.

Governance Committee
This committee assists the Board by helping to providing monitoring and review of governance matters.

Healthy Congregations Committee
The Healthy Congregations Committee helps promote healthy interactions among UCBR members, friends, and staff.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee aids the Board in identifying leadership candidates for various Board, committee, and team positions in the church.

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee assists the Board in reviewing and monitoring personnel policy for the church.

Safety Team
The Safety Team evaluates the church’s policies and procedures for making the building and grounds safer.

Search Committee
The Search Committee carries out the work of searching for new staff members.

Special Funds Committee
This committee oversees resources of the church that are not operating funds.

Worship Guild
The Worship Guild is a group of lay leaders who help facilitate Sunday worship services.