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The Congregational Care Team provides care to people within the church community during times of illness, accident, surgery, health crises, and bereavement.

Among other things, the Congregational Care Team

  • Sends cards to fellow church members,
  • Provides food that can be easily heated and served
  • Arranges temporary transportation following surgery or illness
  • Helps with grocery shopping or other errands
  • Provides a reception after a member’s funeral or memorial service

This group of dedicated volunteer members are, along with Branches group members, the “first line” of helpers to meet the practical needs of our congregants who are in crisis.

Congregational Care Helpers

The CC Helpers is team of backup people who help to fulfill the infrequent needs of congregants. CC Helpers assist with pet-sitting, checking mail, interpreting a language, or offering a lift to work.

Connect with us:  If you belong to a Branches group, your group is normally the initial point of contact for providing or securing help.  If help is needed beyond the abilities of your fellow Branches members, your Branches leader can provide the details to the Congregational Care Team. Referrals also come from the ministers, especially Rev. Nathan Ryan, who oversees the work of the CCT.