group of people of different genders and skin colors

Personal Growth, Spiritual Exploration, Deep Relationships

Branches is UCBR’s primary small group ministry, with over 200 church members participating. Branches groups meet monthly for two hours, average 10-12 members, and are led by trained laypersons. This established, long-standing program provides a way for newcomers to form deeper relationships and to feel a sense of belonging to the congregation. Branches groups also encourage long-time church members to experience the structure in which members minister to one another.

Expectations of a Branches Participant

  • To commit to a year of participation
  • To give attendance at Branches meetings a high priority
  • To commit to listening to other group members
  • To help shape the covenant for the group
  • To give church attendance a high priority
  • To participate in a group service project to the church annually

Branches Leaders

Branches groups are facilitated by experienced participants who volunteer to lead. Each leader is trained using small group ministry materials gathered from nationwide resources. Sessions are chosen from the library of resources at the Unitarian Universalist Small Group Ministry.


Anyone who is a member of the church may join a Branches group.

To request to join a Branches group, please contact our Branches coordinator team.