Candidating Week Schedule Announced

The Search Committee is excited to present Rev. Nathan Ryan as our candidate for the Senior Minister position at UCBR.

Now YOU get a chance to “interview” or just chat with him about any topic you want. He is waiting to hear what’s on your mind, what you expect of him, and where you want our church to go during the pandemic and beyond. You can ask Nathan about his vision for the church and the issues we face, or you can discuss the role of the Senior Minister as you see it.

Zoom in to meet with Nathan during this candidating time. Please look at the schedule below for a meeting to attend and join the candidate and a member of the Search Committee by clicking on the Zoom link next to the meeting at the indicated time. There’s no need to sign up in advance.

Don’t forget the congregational meeting and vote (which requires a quorum) will be on November 22, 2020 at 11:30 am.

Your Board will be sending out the Zoom information and ways to proxy vote. Edit: there will be no proxy votes allowed. Watch for more information on how to cast your vote.

Watch the church website for the Zoom link to the Watch Parties for Sunday services on November 15 and November 22.

Schedule of Meetings With Senior Minister Candidate Rev. Nathan Ryan

11/11/20Wednesday10 amOpen Conversation
11/11/20Wednesday7 pmTeams and Committee Leaders
11/12/20Thursday10 amOpen Conversation
11/12/20Thursday7 pmOpen Conversation
11/14/20Saturday10 amGenerosity and Stewardship
11/14/20Saturday7 pmOpen Conversation
11/15/20Sunday11:30 amCoffee Hour–Open Conversation
11/15/20Sunday7 pmPastoral Care
11/16/20Monday12:30 pmOpen Conversation
11/16/20Monday7 pmBeing Raised and Raising UUs
11/17/20Tuesday1 pmMeeting with Staff
11/17/20Tuesday7 pmMeeting with Board
11/18/20Wednesday10 amOpen Conversation
11/18/20Wednesday7 pmMeeting with Past Presidents
11/19/20Thursday10 amOpen Conversation
11/19/20Thursday7 pmChurch and the Historically Marginalized
11/20/20Friday10 amJustice and Outreach
11/20/20Friday7 pmOpen Conversation
11/21/20Saturday10 amOver the Top Ideas!
11/21/20Saturday7 pmUnanswered Questions (Lagniappe)