Because we value the health and safety of our members and friends, we continue to connect with you by virtual means. Though we hope we can meet again in person, our staff and lay leaders are working very hard to help maintain our community with activities and meetings held on Zoom and other online means.

Below are some ways to get involved with UCBR through Zoom and social media. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday Services

Our online Sunday church service is at 10:15 am every week. You can join us by watching our livestream on YouTube. If you would like us to place a stone in the chalice bowl for you, please type your request in the live chat on YouTube.

Email Newsletter and Updates

Be sure you’re subscribed to the email list for all the latest updates. You’ll get the weekly orders of service for Sunday morning service, information about the search process, more ways to connect with your church online, and more! Subscribe here.

Social Media
Follow us and engage with your community using social media!


News Posts on the Website

Did you know that you can subscribe to news posts on this website? We post important church news right here, with extra information, links, and ways for you to get involved and be informed about events in your church.

Click here to find our news posts, and enter your email address in the right sidebar to receive updates when a news item is posted (this is not the same as the church’s email newsletter). We will never share or spam your email.

Worship-at-Home Resources for Families

Kathy Smith, Director of Family Ministries, is putting together a virtual library of resources for families who are worshiping at home. If you’re interested, check back often as we add to the list.

Join Our Virtual Choirs

Several small images of adults singing

If you’d like to participate in our virtual choirs, all you need is your mobile phone’s video camera, a pair of earbuds, and your voice. Email Trey or Lee for more information on how to participate in the next choir anthem or small ensemble project.