An update from your Covid-19 team

The COVID Safety Team, with support from the church staff and board, is creating a reopening plan with a balance of science and compassion. The goal is to follow the advice of experts while keeping services as equitable and accessible as possible to all members and friends of the church.

The plan can be viewed at this link. The tiers will be expanded over time, and the data used to determine where we stand will be updated daily. You may check here at any time to determine what types of church activities are approved and considered within an acceptable level of risk.

Our tiers are based on the data available for the Baton Rouge metro area at The map colors on this site show local risk levels. While the metro area is orange or red, all church-endorsed activities should remain online. If the metro area moves into yellow or green for six consecutive days, then in-person activities may begin. Any return to orange or red will mean activities return to online only.

This document will always show you where UCBR currently stands: CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE WE ARE TODAY!

Thank you for working with us to keep our community as safe as possible.