Rev. Joel’s Drive-By Goodbye

Dear Members and Friends of UCBR:

I am so pleased to have been part of your congregation’s great ministries this past year. We began some great work together, especially with the Holy Why conversations that became the three Holy Why statements (and a fun song) of the church.

In July I will be on my way to an interim ministry in Indianapolis, Indiana, with the All Souls Unitarian Church there. And I will be a couple of hours of driving away from my mom in Columbus, Ohio.

In normal times we’d have a party after church on my last Sunday preaching. But we are in pandemic times and we still feel the need for social distancing. A party isn’t going to work. But I don’t want to say goodbye to you all virtually. I’d like to see you in person.

So next Sunday, June 21, after my last sermon, I will be next to the parking lot at church for a “Drive-by Good-bye.” I will be there from noon until 2 pm so that we can say goodbye in person — staying at a safe social distance of 6 feet and even safer by being outside.

I will be so glad to see you live on the 21st. Drive up so we can send each other into this next year with in-person fondness and celebration.