Bite Sized In-Person Services

Update: July 16, 2021

We regret to inform everyone that, based on rising COVID cases, we are re-closing in-person Sunday worship at UCBR for the time being. This re-closing will be re-evaluated each week by our COVID Safety Team, based on current numbers of new COVID cases in the Baton Rouge metro area, but will continue until those numbers drop below 20 new daily cases (per 100,000).

NOTE: We will proceed with scheduled in-person memorial services, including the one this Saturday.

Rev. Nathan Ryan is happy to announce that, starting June 13, 2021, UCBR’s building will be open for Sunday services. These will start out as bite sized 30-minute services at 9:00 and 11:30. It will just include the ritual elements (stones, prayer, music, etc.) of worship. The content (sermon, readings, etc.) will only be online.


You must RSVP for in-person services by following the link above. For now, we will cap attendance at 80, sitting in distanced chairs, with masks on, and with no singing or wind instruments. Remember that no one under 12 has access to the vaccine. That means that roughly half of our congregation lives in a home with an unvaccinated person.

The main service will be at 10:15 am, and will remain online. The online service will have all of the elements of our usual services.

We will continue to prioritize online services until

  1. Cases are lower
  2. Vaccinations are higher
  3. Children have access to the vaccine
  4. The congregation is more comfortable being together

At some point we will shift and prioritize in person worship with the live services being streamed. We’re just not ready yet.

Your church staff has been working two or three times as hard to bring you church over the last 15 months. All of us are worn out. I am actively working on a plan for rest and rejuvenation for us, but it will take time.

Please remember that families of children have been hit especially hard by the pandemic. They still do not have access to the church in the ways that many of you do. Please let us move slowly and safely through this reopening process.