In-Person Worship Gatherings

Thanks to the hard work of the Covid Safety Team, we now have guidelines in place to move forward with a limited version of in-person worship.

If East Baton Rouge Parish has remained in the green or yellow risk level on for six days prior, a gathering may be held. For example, for a Saturday event, EBR would need to have been green or yellow for the Sunday through Friday prior.

Edit: If we are able to hold a service, weather and Covid data permitting, in-person worship would take place on Saturday afternoon at 4 pm. Full virtual worship services will still take place on Sunday mornings.

Church members have created a seating area in the peace meadow to the west of the peace stones, which is divided into “pods,” which are spaced six feet apart. All participants over the age of two must wear a mask at all times. Participants will bring their own chairs or blankets and minimize contact with other people.

Two ushers will monitor the sign-in process and guide participants toward seating. These ushers will also provide reminders to participants about safety guidelines, as needed. All participants will sign in to facilitate contract tracing, should it be necessary.

Once seated, participants should make every attempt to remain in their pod. No items should be passed between participants: no hymnal usage, orders of service, placement of stones, offering, etc. The minister will dismiss participants in an orderly fashion, starting with those closest to the sidewalk in order to minimize people passing by others. Please remain in your space until dismissed. The building and playground will remain closed, even for bathroom usage.

Ministers will determine if the event should be canceled (for weather, COVID levels, etc.) and the congregation will be notified via email, Facebook, and on our website’s home page.

Please do not attend in-person events if you or anyone in your household has experienced either of these things in the past 14 days:

  • Feeling unwell for any reason
  • Exposure to a COVID-positive person

If you have any questions about how this works, please contact the church office.